Sunday, October 19, 2014

Holiday Dress Must - Haves from Sheinside

Now the holiday season is fast approaching, just a little too fast for my liking to be honest, I am beginning to think about my festive wardrobe and all the lovlie dresses I will need to see me through drinks, work parties and family gatherings over the Christmas period – Honestly, I'm really just using this as an excuse to go shopping!! What ever helps me justify it I will do!!!.

Recently I came across a site called Sheinside. I had been hearing loads about it from other bloggers and finally decided to pop on and see what all of the hype was about – my god was I glad I did!!! Sheinside is an amazing online shop that has seriously cheap clothes LIKE INSANELY, and they are all beautiful beyond belief. 

I have compiled a collection of my favourite holiday style items  to help you get through the festive season in style. 

The Dark Dresses - 

The Coloured Dress 

Flared Dresses 

Hope you all loved my picks, and hopefully I haven’t tempted you to spend tooooo much of your money ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mallzee - The New Fashionista's Best Fried

Imagine an app that could combine all of your favourite online stores, from Asos to Missguided and all in between, and use a similar technology to tinder to allow you to ''Yay or Nay'' clothes instead of humans?? Imagine if I told you this was true?? 

Mallzee is the newest shopping app set to take the fashion lovers experience to a whole new level.
It combines all of your favourite stores and you can filter by style, price, colour or a combination of stores to find your next wardrobe addition, you can also save your favourite pieces you've found and keep track of them in your own album.

You can also create your own 'Style Feed' to keep an eye on certain pieces you always covet. Say an amazing outfit for the festive season or even a new pair of jeans, filter your style feel to that and boom you can constantly check if there is an ideal piece for you online.

Another plus is the ability to share your new finds on social media. Let your followers and friends know what your coveting or buying and vice versa, or just keep it all a mystery, either way the options there to share or not.

I have found myself addicted to this app since I downloaded it (Free FYI major plus), Maybe its the fashion addict in me or maybe its the ability to play on something like tinder even tho I'm in a relationship, either way I adore this app and I know you will too. I bet each of you will be as addicted as me!!

Also ......not just for all you girls out there, boys this is an app also for you male fashion boys!!

Now go and have fun swiping left and right and make sure to @ me on twitter with any of your finds your willing to share!! Follow @Mallzee as well for any questions you may have about the app (or to just thank them for bringing it into your life!!!!)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

#AlproTops Challenge

As many off you may know if you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t than you really really should!!!) I have been posting a good few Alpro features recently. I was asked to collaborate with Alpro on the recent AlproTops campaign. I had collaborated with Alpro back at the beginning of the year on a smooth campaign  (Part 1 here , and Part 2 Here!!!) so they must have liked me to ask me to come back again and give this one a shot!

The concept of the #AlproTops campaign was to create different topping combinations on the 4 different Alpro Big Pot tubes and flavours. I was also lucky enough to be sent some amazing Alpro goodies to help me along with this campaign. I was provided with some amazing bowls ,  a fabulous customised spoon and also a selecetion of toppings to get me started on this challenge, and some other goodies.

I created 4 different combinations all as amazing as the next.

Day 1

Day 2


Day 4

All of these creations were incredible, as was the Alpro itself. As I said in my previous Alpro posts , I adore Alpro products. Dairy free and vegan friendly, it is an amazing alternative to classic dairy products. Definitely a healthy alternative that stills tastes as incredibly indigent as the original! 

Whats your favourite topping for your yogurts?

Normally I'm a strict plain yogurt and cinnamon kinda gal but after this challenge its all changed!!!