Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Polagram Review & GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

So today I have such a fun and fab post for you all. 

Now if you don't follow me on twitter then you may not know that I HIT 1000 INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS!!! This may not seem like an insane amount but I've only really gotten into Instagram so I'm super duper happy with this milestone, and can't wait for many more to come. 

Given my amazing news, I have a seriously appropriate giveaway to share with you lovely lot. The amazing people over at Polagram app have sent me over some incredible goodies, and some for you lovely lot as well....more on that later. 

I was lucky enough to be sent the incredible 'gift box' of 35 of my Instagram pictures. I had been talking about printing off some of my Insta-snaps for quite some while now, so this amazing opportunity came around at the perfect time. 

Polagram is an incredible IPhone and Android app that allows you to print off not only instagram snaps, but also Facebook and snaps in your phone photos onto amazing Polaroids. Its really a genius idea. Priced at €18.99, incl P&P, its really amazing value (& the perfect Christmas present!!!) 

I ordered mine on the Wednesday afternoon and they had arrived by Monday morning, so super quick and really inventive. 

Now I had intended to pop out to Ikea and buy myself a frame to show you all how I'm planning to showcase these babies, but alas the weekends got the better off me, however I have plucked some google images of amazing inspirations I'm sure you will adore. 

(Image - Google) 

(Image - Google) 

The Giveaway!!

Now on to the really exciting part of this post - The Giveaway!!! Polagram have been kind enough to offer not one but 3 prizes to my lovely readers. 

First prize -The Gift Box- 35 Polaroid Prints of images of your choice (which is what I received!) 

Second Prize - 10 Polaroid Prints

Third Prize - 5 Polaroid Prints

As with all my giveaways, this is open internationally, if you are under the age of 18 please ask an adults permission as I will need your address if you win, and all entries will be checked and void if they are false.

This giveaway will be open for 3 weeks until the 10th of December!! Good luck! 

Happy Entering!!!:) 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Life Lately

It's been a lifetime since I last posted a Life Lately Blog Post . I went through a phase of writing them but lately I just haven't had enough interesting information to created one, that was until now. I honestly have never felt this busy, not only do I have a 9-5 job but there are a lot more blog events popping up and a good few things I have to blog about, so I've decided to combine all events and activities in to one!! 

Go get yourself a cup of tea and get comfy, this is sure to be a picture heavy blog post. 

Its now NOVEMBER!!! When on earth did that happen? Now don't all kill me at once...buuut I'm not the biggest Christmas fan, that kinda went a few years ago, but I have to say I'm getting awfully excited with all of the christmasy decorations up all over town!!


Finally after god knows how long my Almau dress finally arrived. An online store, with not only incredible designs but also a very very limited selection of each item, I was so lucky to nab this (well....the boy did, I only found out when the order confirmation pinged into my mailbox!!) 

Halloween has been and gone, and that meant one thing - puppy dress up time!! Toffee went as Batman, what did your little monkeys dress up as???


However, I did skip the Halloween festivities and chose to go to the Rugby instead - definitely a better choice I do think, and exactly what I will be doing over the next 2 weekends!!

Now not only have I had personal social calendar to keep track off, but also a mighty big blogging one as well, with Christmas time comes a heck of a lot of Christmas blogging events. Its also so much fun to catch up with all my blogger buddys and have a good giggle over Christmas celebrations! 

The lovely ladies in Rachel Dalton Communications held an incredible sweet and cocktail filled evening to showcase the Christmas goodies from some of their amazing clients, as well as offering some lovely treatments. 

The boy has also still not allowed me to forget the fact that I didn't bring him home a Red Velvet cupcake from the event, I'll be in the doghouse for an awful long time it would seem!! 

The lovelies in the Benefit Boutique also had us in to celebrate the Boutiques 1st birthday! I have to say, if every first birthday was like theirs I'd be making sure to go to one every week!!

Mark and Sofia went absolutely out of their way to get us into the celebrating spirit and party the evening away Benefit style, cocktails, more cupcakes and photo boots galore! 

It also couldn't be a Benefit event without a sneaky snap of myself and Mark, its becoming a tradition at this stage!!! There also may or may not be a photo booth session with the 2 of us, however due to Marks ''Direction'' our angry face turned out more Unintentional Drunk face!! 

I absolutely adore the Benefit Boutique, filled with make up, tanning, hair studio , eyebrow masters and nail experts its a beauty lovers heaven!! 


Most recently, well Friday Night, the beautiful pink princesses in Cocoa Brown invited some bloggers out for an early Christmas Dinner in the Morgan Hotel. Wine was flowing and I was close to begging for a Cocoa Brown Christmas tree inbetween all of the giggles catching up with some amazing blogger buddies as well as making some new ones. 

It was also amazing to catch up with the Cocoa Brown girls and have a good natter about everything and anything!! 

I also now want a pink Christmas tree with lots of Cocoa Brown treats to open on Christmas morning 

 Also how cute do we look with our super snazzy gold hats!!! So fashionable!! 

Then Saturday while in a slight Cocoa Brown induced hangover, it was off to celebrate my favourite bloggers 21st *Cough 25th cough* birthday, where lots and LOTS of cocktail were consumed along with a lot of laughs and some serious fun. Happy Birthday Sianny!! 

*excuse drunk eyes!!! I suffer from them terribly after a few cocktails!!! * 

 Also expect a super dooper exciting blog post (AND GIVEAWAY!!!) coming up next week!! Just may have a little something to do with these....hmmmm

If you've managed to make it through this whole post, I'm awfully impressed!!! Remember to follow me on Instagram - Roisin1102 to keep up to date with all of my adventures as well as lots of photos of wine, coffee and food!!!! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

October Favourites

I feel this blog post should be called my 5 month favourites instead of my October favourites. I'm pretty certain the last time I did a favourites post I was away on summer holidays - bad blogger!!!! I made myself a promise at the beginning of the year that I would at least do a favourites post at the end of each year (this case its pretty much in the middle at this stage!!) and I kinda failed at that, but how and ever I'm here now with a fab post on my favourites at the moment that I literally can't live without!! 

The Body Products!! 

The 3 of these have quickly become the holy grail of my nighttime routine! No matter what on any night I'm using at least one of these, if not all 3. 

 I blogged about this baby when it was Initially released back in February and I cannot believe I haven't done a single post since. I've really started to get into the dark shade recently, probably because I'm missing the natural glow I had under my tan during the summer. Same system as the original Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, this glides on as a mouse and will set in 1 hour or continue to set for up to 3 hours giving you an amazing glow. I usually do it at night and then I have a perfect deep tan when I wake up in the morning.  

I blogged about this back in my May Favourites and I can safely say I'm still obsessed. I'm now on to my second bottle and love it more than ever. If your in the market for a new face mask I would highly recommend this. It is an intense 5 minute mask which you can either wipe off or leave on, I always choose to leave it on and let it soak into the skin over night. Also it says to use it generously but as this is quite pricey I use a thin layer and that way all of it is soaked in within the 5 minutes. 

I have no idea how many times I've included this in my favourites and on the blog. I really have nothing more to say that I usually do other than how incredible it still is. At any sign of a break out, I slap this on and it genuinely clears everything up so quickly. 

I probably got this far to long ago that its still safe to use, but I adore it and use it so sparingly to throw it away. I know people think these lengthening mascaras can be quite gimmicky but this is definitely one of the most amazing ones I have every tried, and really makes your lashes become so full and long! It costs a bit, but its definitely worth it. 

I usually fall in love with my multiples in the summer months but I've been obsessing over this, and my South Beach one, for ages. I adore the creamy texture and the subtle peachy sparkly it gives to your cheeks. Not to pink, and Not to Sparkly. Just Perfect!! 

I blogged about these not so long ago, and I have found myself absolutely besotted with this incredible hot pink nail varnish. Now I know its coming up to the Christmas season but I just can't seem to shake my love affair with my Pink polishes, and I really don't think I ever will! I'm obsessed. 

I only blogged about these a few posts ago, and they have definitely become a staple of my beauty regime this month. They are so simple to use and make you teeth beautiful and white. I've been using them day and night lately and I love the results I have from them. 

What are your favourites this month???