Thursday, October 30, 2014

Polar White Pro Whitening Pens Review

Ok I will admit it....I'm addicted to coffee, black coffee to be exact, and Monday through Friday as well as Saturday and not forgetting Sunday I can find myself indulging a maybe a glass, or four of wine, red to be exact. These are my two vices! Jesus had bread and water- Roisin has wine and coffee. Same really. 

However these vices have caused me a few issues- coffee all through my teens never gave  me too many issues but once the wine started - so did the stains. No I'm not talking about the stains that I regularly (cough - every day) get on my clothes from typical missing my mouth syndrome but on my teeth. Now they aren't terrible but they certainly aren't something I want to show off to the world, but alas I no longer have to worry.

A few weeks ago a package was popped through my letter box that has turned my teeth around. The Polar White Pro pens are an amazing invention. Seriously discrete and seriously affective. It is a sleek silver pen that is used to literally paint on the whitener to the teeth, with absolutely no mess or avoidable fuss.

The Polar White Pro sticks contain active ingredients that work to safely replenish the natural whiteness in your teeth, therefore giving a very natural whitening and not looking like Ross from friends when he had the little uh- oh with the teeth whitening.

I've been using it in the recommended dosage of morning and night, painting it on my teeth and avoiding water and food for 20 mins - easy peesy and perfect to do when putting on or taking off your make up.

I have found this product has drastically whitened my teeth and I'm so happy. I've come across loads of whiteners that claim they work yet only a handful of them actually do anything to help combat dreaded teeth stains.

Now I would show you the results but thanks to a mild crooked tooth I despise taking pics of my teeth specifically so my friends that will not happen,  but definitely take my word for it because these babies are seriously amazing.
Retailing for 24.99 for a pack of 2, they are definitely worth every penny.
Happy teeth whitening

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Waxperts - Wonder Pads Review

So a few weeks ago I received an amazing package from the wonderful ladies at Waxperts, which you may have spotted on my Instagram! 

I have heard of Waxperts for ages, and I've always had such fun chain with them randomly on twitter that I was delighted when this popped through my letterbox and I could finally gives these babes a proper go. 

The Waxperts wonder pads are an amazingly innovative product that helps to battle the horrible ingrown hairs, that many of us have come accustomed.

There is nothing worse, or more annoying than an ingrown hair, well fear not - now there is a solution. The waxperts wonder pads have been designed to help treat and prevent ingrown hairs as well as skin breakouts, shaving rashes (always an annoyance) and Keratosis Pilaris - also known as those horrible bumps on the upper arms. The Wonder pads are made with a salicylic acid that is sensitive on the skin yet tough enough to fight these little annoyances.

I've found these have really helped with post shaving breakouts and spots as well as those nasty upper arm bumps. I used them after my shower and give my troubled areas a good rub and Voila - all perfect. 

If anything I would actually repurchase for the packaging alone, the box is just so adorable and fun! 

Each tub comes with 40 pads which is more than enough to get you started. Heres the full list of Irish Stockist and you can also buy them on which I find the most convenient, for only €7.95 a tub which is a serious bargain!!!! 

I would recommend these to everyone who is an avid waxer/shaver because they really do help!!!

Being hairless just became a little easier! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Holiday Dress Must - Haves from Sheinside

Now the holiday season is fast approaching, just a little too fast for my liking to be honest, I am beginning to think about my festive wardrobe and all the lovlie dresses I will need to see me through drinks, work parties and family gatherings over the Christmas period – Honestly, I'm really just using this as an excuse to go shopping!! What ever helps me justify it I will do!!!.

Recently I came across a site called Sheinside. I had been hearing loads about it from other bloggers and finally decided to pop on and see what all of the hype was about – my god was I glad I did!!! Sheinside is an amazing online shop that has seriously cheap clothes LIKE INSANELY, and they are all beautiful beyond belief. 

I have compiled a collection of my favourite holiday style items  to help you get through the festive season in style. 

The Dark Dresses - 

The Coloured Dress 

Flared Dresses 

Hope you all loved my picks, and hopefully I haven’t tempted you to spend tooooo much of your money ;)