Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Quick and Easy Mexican Chips & Dip Recipe

If there's one think I love in this world, its Mexican food. Any day during the week its pretty certain I'm craving some variation of a salsa and Tabasco smothered main to hold over my cravings until I can head back to my holy grail of Mexican Restaurants.  For the days when eating out isn't an option, I love to whip up my own Mexican dishes which people seem to like so I thought I'd share them with you lovely lot. 

These are the quickest dishes to whip up, just pretend they took you a lil longer to your guests. Simple ingredients, simple dishes but lots of flavour. 


I've posted this recipe before, but hey whats a refresher of a recipe gonna hurt. This is one of those recipes that is a total of 5 minutes flat (if even) but insanely full of flavour, yet it can be  a little tricky to mess up as I've learned far to many times. You need to keep testing it to ensure the right amount of Lime, Salt and Coriander are in it without taking over. They are the triple threat in this recipe but not in a good way at all!!! 


2 Avocados 
Half a lime (a full one if it takes like it needs a little acid) 
Small handful of Coriander  (Too much can really ruin it)
2 scallions 
1 clove of Garlic 

If you fancy a bit of a Kick- add in a red chilli (like we did post food processing) and it will add the perfect amount of heat. 

Add all of the ingredients to a food processor and blitz. Add salt if needed and bam you have a fab dip ready to go. 

Fresh Salsa

This recipe takes a little bit longer than the guac but it is beyond worth it. The chopping is really the only time consuming bit, even tho I do end up throwing it in a food processor the chopping is essential. 


Handful of Baby tomatoes 
2 Chills (1 for a little less spice) 
1 Red onion 
Juice of 1 Lime 
Handful of Coriander
1 Clove of Garlic

Cut up the tomatoes, red onion, chili and add to a food processor, with that tear up a handful of coriander, and add a smushed garlic clove (I'm really in with the technical kitchen lingo) 

Add a little bit of olive oil, a pinch of salt and blast, when done squeeze in the lime juice and mix with a spoon, ready for serving. 

 Home Made Tortilla Chips. 

In Mexican restaurants I live on tortilla chips however I hate buying the giant bags or Doritos because I will mill through them so fast. This way I portion control myself and yet still enjoy them just as much. 

Its the easiest dish yet, get a large non stick pan, glaze with a tiny bit of olive oil and plop a tortilla on it. It will take maybe 3 minutes each side, or until you smell burning, and it will be perfect. 

Let them cool off before cutting them but coat with salt and paprika while they cool to absorb the flavours.  

Quick and Easy!! 

Add some sour cream to the plate and you have the perfect Mexican Chips and Dip straight from your kitchen!!! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Review*

If its one thing I think girls can't live without its Dry Shampoo. Its the perfect go to on those lazy mornings where the stress of washing your hair is enough to call in sick to the office and snuggle back into your duvet for a morning of lazy dreams. However for those of us with no more holidays left in work this is the go too. 

Aussie is by far one of my favourite haircare brands. I feel their products just leave my hair un believably soft and full of life. Its salon perfect hair straight from your bedroom. 

This dry shampoo, unlike many others I've tried doesn't leave that horrible hard texture on the hair, nor does it leave that dreaded white powdered look. Lets me honest nobody can pull that off. However it does leave the classic Aussie scent as well as an incredible volume to the hair. Its quickly become my handbag staple and I think it will be yours as well. 

Make sure to pick yourself one up asap! You won't regret it. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Go To Hair Must Haves

If you know me personally than you know I am beyond obsessed with my hair. I've been unbelievably blessed in that I don't ever have to do much in relation to styling for it to stay in place but I do however have an array of products that I use to ensure it all stays in place and isn't a frizzy mess. I've been buying so many hair products lately, some I haven't really fallen head over heels in love with but I have been using these 3 every time I wash my hair and definitely think I should share them with you.

These are a mixture of Boots and Space NK which I know can be a bit pricy but trust me they are worth it.

Toni and Guy Prep is an amazing frizz controlling leave in conditioner that I use the days I don't use my Living Proof Primer. It is a pre brow drying cream that controls all frizz and allows you have perfectly sleek hair even in horrible humidity. This is an incredible product for less than 10 euro. Next time in boots you need to pick this up and give it a whirl . 

I came across this baby when I first popped into the new Space Nk store on Grafton Street. I was very very intrigued by the concept of a hair primer and I had never heard of Living Proof either so I wanted to try it out. I have since learned Living Proof is actual a brand co owned by the hair goddess that is Jennifer Aniston. The idea behind the hair primer is to coat the hair and allow all dirt and grease to simply fall off while holding in your style longer than normal. I apply this when I want to keep my blow dry perfected and want a little while longer between washes. I can honestly reach day 3 post wash and only then is it mildly greasy, its an amazing product that I am recommending to everyone.

I picked this up recently in Space Nk purely out of curiosity, how can a product cut down drying time?? I was very very sceptical but trust me it is seriously incredible, and  WORKS!!!  
Spray it liberally all over the hair and go hair dryer crazy and you will be bone dry in half the time it normally takes. 

I've blogged about this baby before, and then in a million favourite posts since. Its a pre blow dry thickening spray that truly boosts the hair and keeps it completely bouncy and fun. No flat blow drys with this at all. It is the must have for a curly blow dry for either day or night. 

These are my must haves and would recommend them all to you. 

What are you hair essentials??