Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book Review - Get Sh*t Done!: From Spare Room to Boardroom in 1,000 Days!

When the first page of a book describes a time as a chef on abillionaires yacht during the Monaco Grand Prix, you begin to wonder if it really is a fiction book! At least that’s what I though when I read Niall Harbison's new literary venture - Get Sh*t Done!: From Spare Room to Boardroom in 1,000 Days. The mastermind behind the well known LovinDublin and many  other online ventures, has a life that many of us can only ever dream off. As I've learned from his book , Get Shit Done which he very kindly sent me for reviewing purposes, along with a very lovely note, Niall wasn’t conventionally smart thorough school or books but he did have determination – that is shown throughout his book and the stories he shares. He had smarts from learning through doing which I have always said is the best way .

He gives some of the best advice I have ever read – its frank and no bull shit. Plan and simply this book is about Getting Sh*t Done!! And now. He gives some incredible examples of past situations and how he has taken the more risky path and it has paid off. I know this book is considered ‘’self help’’ orat least that’s where I saw it in Easons recently, but trust me its definitely not one of those preaching guides its really about life and how someone has achieved many great things – Here's what I've done now you can do the same. What I've learned from reading this is that Niall, now extremely successful and onces a very success chef (YouTube'd him & realised I recognise him from yonkes ago) is not only extremely lucky but full of balls. If he hadn’t taken initial chances that could have crashed and burned (some did) he wouldn’t be where he is today, and there definitely wouldn't have been a book to tell the tale.  There is an element to luck in him, but its more right place right time and the balls to go for it.

If you are at all at a plateau – like I am currently – this book will seriously help you. I had no idea what I wanted and was in limbo now after reading how Niall drove himself to be the business man he is even after people told him it was impossible, I have the nerve to go and do the same.

Even if you aren’t in limbo this is a seriously good read, at the very least you learn about some of Nialls amazing experiences, and as he says, its all a story to tell in the nursing home, I don't want to give to much away but trust me it really is an amazing read and one you won't be able to put down.

No go and Get Sh*t Done, with Get Sh*t Done!!!!

Available in most leading bookstores as well as on 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bourjois' Volume 1 Seconde Mascara Review*

Recently I have noticed I  have a bit of a hoarding problem, thats aside from my clothes, shoes and need to keep paper shopping bags, this is a hoarding problem that has totally crept up on me without me noticing - I Am A Mascara Hoarder!! I discovered this little fact one day when doing my Make Up,  as usually I popped into my Make Up drawer and dug around for a mascara to use - well it wasn't very hard to find one. I hadn't realised my constant purchasing of mascara, but slowly I had amazed a giant collect of both high end and high street brand mascaras all in different colours offering different results.

Then while on holidays this one popped through my door - don't worry I refrained from buying any more while I was away. However this mascara is very different from any others I own. First off- I don't currently own a Bourjois mascara so it is nice to have one back in my collect and two- this mascara offers innovative patent- pending technology that I haven't seen before.

There was nothing better than arriving home from a sun holiday to some incredible blogger mail. I had my lovely postman  (Dad) letting me know what had arrived and this package I was most excited about. I googled it while I was away and the reviews are incredible.

This beautifully chrome packaged mascara gives a volume like no other.  The wraparound spherical bristles are inspired by the shape of a professional hairbrush (which is ingenious) which creates maximised volume to the lash, it alternated from small wraparound spheres and straight bristles to give a better finish. It not only coats the whole lash but also defines each individual lash without creating any clumps.

With the addition of Carnauba, bees wax and Jojoba Ester this mascara streaches to not only increase volume at the roots, but to spread it all over the lash. The Intense Black colouring is also a major plus. The 'red' version that I received is the Intense Black Mascara with a 16 hour staying power - perfect to dance the night away and still have some the morning after for a quick run to the shops. This product also comes in a 'blue' version which is the Intense Black Mascara Waterproof with a 24 hour staying power - even better!!

Available from both shops and online for £9.99 or €12.99 this is incredible good value for such an innovative product,

Be quick before they're all gone!!!!  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Holiday OOTD & Catch Up

I know I had said I would be blogging a bit more while away but to be honest it's really nice to get the break and not having to worry about blogging and taking pictures. Don't get me wrong I love nothing more than blogging about my daily activities but it's a good bit of work. 

Now that I've got a spare moment to sit down with my rose and wifi (love a good mid day drink) and can tell you all about my week. 

I've literally been living the same old routine ever day - coffee and croissant in the town , beach for 2/3 hours, lunch and cocktails in a variety of different establishments, another 1/2 hours of tanning then home, shower, change and out to dinner then drink the night away! 

I know some may get bored of a routine  but I have loved every minute of it. To get away from work and everything at home, it's nice to turn the brain off and just live in a relaxed atmosphere for a while.

Now of course there have been a few days where it's been either misty (far to many of them for my liking) or we've been a little "fragile" from the nighttime drinking so we have taken it extra easy with tapas and some more drinking ( I'm on my holiday!!!!) 

Also we have been enjoying the food ( let's not talk about the extra 10 stone I'm carrying around because of it) we have loved popping out and trying loads of new restaurants neither of us have tried here before (Iv been coming 9 years so that's hard to find new ones) and it's been a blast. 

Now on to the outfits- thanks to all the nibbles and wine, I'm not looking my best and in need of a blast in the gym but I'm having fun! I've tried to snap a few when  looking either respectable or not sunburnt. Here are some from the last week. 

OOTD 1- Apologies for the poor poor light- fluorescent is good for blog photos! 

Cardi- the dearest mummy's wardrobe
Dress- Zara 
Sandles - Hollister 
Clutch- Pied a Terre

Outfit 2 - 
Dress - last season Oysho 
Cardi- Mummy's faithful yet again
Sandles- Hollister 
Bag- Moschino 

Also my hair is going so super light and I'm loving it. Opinions - go back to fully brown or keep it??  

Hope your enjoying my posts, I'm home on the 20th with loads and loads of goodies to review. 

Ro x